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Pain Management

There are several ways or means to treat pain

We take /consume pain-killers like paracetamol, diclofenac. These types of medicines do not have steroids

In early stages of pain with small cramps/spasm these medicines reduce inflammation and thereby pain

In extreme situation or when these type of medicines do not work, steroids are prescribed. Now-a-days people are aware of side effects of these medicines and try to avoid them

In case of Ayurveda or homeopathy, medicines/herbal formulations are prescribed to detox for cleansing and thereby to reduce the pain Though the side-effects are less or no this may require longer duration of treatment

In case of PT, acupuncture, acupressure therapies like electrical muscle stimulation , nerve stimulation, heat treatments like UVR,IR lamps are used to reduce inflammation and pain

Therapies like usg, laser, shock wave are used to soften the muscles, improve micro-circulation and reduce inflammation and pain. These methods help only in certain situations and conditions

All the above therapy methods or treatments block the pain, reduce the inflammation, Improve the micro-circulation

At MGTC, we can help you in acute or chronic painful situations and in several conditions

With the help of MRT, we make muscles, cells and their surrounding area with small capillaries of veins and arteries, small connective tissue fibres including the fluid to start vibrating in their natural frequency between 8-12 Hz

As they start vibrating/pulsating, energy production starts in the cells. With this energy, muscles start contracting and relaxing i.e pumping activates drainage of toxins naturally allowing fresh oxygen and nutrition to reach at the site of injury thereby reduction in inflammation, pain and enhances healing.

The frequency of MRT, matches with the frequency of muscle tissue and cells. They get tuned quickly and naturally therefore we experience almost instant relief in pain, reduction of swelling, stiffness and improved stretch ability of tissue, muscle and easy resistant-free improved ROM

Being the natural frequency of cells and tissues, Matrix Rhythm Therapy is very safe without any contra-indications .It can be given to individual of any age and under any circumstances.

Since its introduction in 2009, we have treated thousands of cases successfully, most importantly none of them visited us with the same or recurrent of conditions

Neurological Therapy

Treatment & management of neurological condition is considered as most difficult & challenging for medical Practioners.

Brain & nerves are most delicate part of the human body, hence protected by tough bony coverage, we call Skull.

Nerves act as messenger with muscles & sense organs from all over the body.

Apart from movement of our limbs, brain controls function of our every organ and even controls our actions & emotions.

For this functioning, brain also requires & consumes lot of energy. For this brain requires highest blood supply & Oxygen.

In state of relaxation brain functions better. We experience as high level of energy, concentration, understanding & decision-making.

Disturbances in micro-circulation of Oxygen supply to the brain affects function or death of brain cells.

This affects the communication & controlling system of brain.

Therefore, most of the medicines in neurological treatments like blood-thinners are prescribed to reduce the viscosity of blood, to enhance blood supply to brain and to relax the brain by reducing anxiety and inducing sleep.

This also helps to activate detoxification of brain by way of veins & lymphatic system known as glymphatic system.

Yoga, Pranayama and breathing exercises functions in this way only.
Rehabilitation after neurological incidences is also very challenging & time consuming.
Recovery in such cases depends on severity, chronicity of injury, incidence or condition.
In rehabilitation most of the therapies work to activate or stimulate nerves & strengthen the muscles to improve balance, co-ordination of movements & motor & sensory functions.
At MGTC, we use therapy methods to restore overall function of neuro-muscular system.
With the help of MaRhyThe, we activate micro-circulation by making tissues & cells to vibrate between their natural frequency of 8-12Hz.
These small vibrations also help to reduce the viscosity of fluid, normalizing temperature & pH of the fluid, improves Oxygen supply to brain for improving the function of brain.
MaRhyThe also helps to improve the energy in muscles required for contraction & relaxation when the nerve impulses reach the muscle.
Muscles contraction & relaxation are necessary for performing any movement.
MaRhyThe also helps for better functioning of nerves by activating micro-circulation & restoring normal tone in the muscles.
At MGTC, we use mentamove therapy to make healthy cells in the brain & takeover functions of cells that are damaged because of brain injury.
This system works on principle of mental imagery used for motor or brain relearning.
It uses very safe electrical stimulation.
Device release the current only when an impulse is generated by thoughtful activity in the brain means unlike normal muscle stimulators.
It does not give repeated stimulation but stimulation comes only when an individual thinks/imagines a purposeful action involving brain in the loop.
These repeated sessions act like active movements by an individual (not passive stimulation/movement), Hence makes the healthy cells in the brain to learn the movements.
With these therapy methods, we can help individuals in acute situations & also individuals suffering from several years.
Various neurological conditions we can treat are as below:

Sports Therapy Programs

Injury for a sports person, not only affects his performance but also may affect has career.

Advanced fitness equipment’s are being promoted & are of attraction to fitness trainees & performers.

Along with nutrition & training on such equipment’s focus is given on building of strength & development of muscles.

Injuries are mostly considered as some ignorance or deficit in nutrition & fitness. Such microscopic or gross thinking is ignorance to the physiological requirements for cellular processes.

At MGTC, our focus always remained towards restoring physiological parameters of cells, tissue, muscles along with other structures like bones & joints.

Our therapy approach works on:

Prevention of injury

Improvement of performance

Recovery after injury

Overall maintenance for future performance

At MGTC, we use Matrix Rhythm Therapy researched & invented by Dr. Ulrich Randoll.

It is very popular therapy for sports performers.

Eminent sports persons around the world are benefited by Matrix Rhythm Therapy.

The power / strength of the muscle are dependent on its ability to contract & relax very hard, stiff or acidic muscles, though look strong are prone to injuries.

According to principles of Matrix concept by Dr. Ulrich Randoll, Cells in such stiff & hard muscle tissues have slowed down of pulsations & do not produce enough of ATP required for relaxation & hence tissue & muscles are not elastic.

Elastic muscles have ability to stretch, such stretch ability is most important for any sports person. Stiff / hard, acidic muscle fatigued as they are already deficient in energy. Hence, have more chances of getting cramps & pain.

In case of overall use of such tissues, it can land up to severe injury such as muscle, ligament, and tendon tears.

With help of Matrix Rhythm Therapy, by mechanism of entrainment, cells of such Tissue are turned back to their natural frequency of 8-12 Hz.
As the cells start pulsating again, they get O2, nutrition, & produce energy required for ATP i.e. energy formation.
Thus hard, cramped, stiff muscles become supple & regain its elasticity & natural healthy tone.
Such oxygenated & nutritionally rich tissue is stronger than hard & acidotic muscles.
Individuals doing regular exercises at home or fitness centers (Gym), Yoga practitioners can take advantage of therapies at our center for maintaining or to regain elasticity & natural tone of muscles to optimize their performance, prevent injuries or for faster recovery after injury.


Nerve damage and diabetes

Nerve damage (neuropathy) is usually caused by high blood glucose levels. Vitamin B12 deficiency can mimic signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Long-term diabetes treatment over three to five years can increase your risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.Damage can occur to the sensory (feeling) and motor (movement) nerves of the legs and feet, arms, hands, chest and stomach and to the nerves that control the actions of body organs.

Foot problems and diabetes

The feet of someone with diabetes are at risk of damage when the blood supply in both large and small blood vessels is reduced. Nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) often results and structural abnormalities also can occur for example clawed toes.Reduced blood supply and reduced nerve function can delay healing, increase the risk of infection, reduce feeling in the feet and lead to ulcers and structural foot problems.

Frozen shoulder and diabetes

Diabetes is also a risk factor for frozen shoulder, although precisely why that’s so is a subject the medical community is still researching. One theory involves collagen, one of the building blocks of ligaments and tendons. Collagen is a major part of the ligaments that hold the bones together in a joint. Glucose (sugar) molecules attach to collagen. In people with diabetes, the theory goes, this can contribute to abnormal deposits of collagen in the cartilage and tendons of the shoulder. The build-up then causes the affected shoulder to stiffen up.

Overall, frozen shoulder affects about 20 percent of people with diabetes compared with 5 percent of people without diabetes.Other risk factors are gender and age. Women are more likely to develop frozen shoulder than men and frozen shoulder occurs most frequently in people between the ages of 40 and 60. It usually affects only one shoulder at a time and for unknown reasons, the non-dominant shoulder is affected most often.

Diabetes- Vascular Complications

Diabetes is a disease that affects the regulation of insulin in the body, the hormone that controls blood sugar. The cardiovascular complications of diabetes are life-threatening and disabling.
Over time diabetes can adversely affect the circulation of the eyes, kidneys and the blood vessels.

Diabetic vascular disease commonly affects the feet and can take the form of



Minor foot injuries

Matrix Rhythm Therapy for problems associated with Diabetes

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is very effective therapy for individuals suffering with diabetes. A Rhythmic Electro-magnetic oscillation in the frequency between 8-12 Hz relaxes the stiff tissue, reduces pain and improves range of motion. Matrix Rhythm Therapy activates the micro circulation that helps to maintain the pH of extracellular fluid, reduces the acidosis. Balanced pH of the fluid and improved oxygen supply helps to regenerate the tissue and nerve sensation becomes normal and tissue retains its elasticity.

At Matrix German Therapy Center we also use Magnetodyn technology that delivers low frequency pulsed electro-magnetic field. This field is delivered using full body mat or ceramic coil for the would-healing and nerve regeneration. Use of Magnetodyn therapy in combination with Matrix Rhythm Therapy helps to achieve faster healing.

Therapy for Stress Related Health issues

It is well established that stress which causes lack of sleep reduces learning abilities, impairs performance in cognitive tests and prolongs reaction time. Stress is also linked to a variety of chronic illnesses. Emotional stress often causes muscular tension. If the stress is acute and short-lived, a healthy musculature will be able to relax afterwards. But if the stress is maintained over a sufficient length of time, muscles lose their ability to return to a fully relaxed state.


Disturbances of the lymphatic system nearly always involve a vicious cycle: lymph drainage becomes increasingly hampered by the fibrotic/sclerotic clogging-up of tissue, leading to even greater accumulation of fibre, proteins and other “trash” in the intercellular space which degrades lymphatic function even more.

Evidently the highest priority of therapy must be to interrupt this vicious cycle, removing the blocks to self-healing processes and opening the way to restoring normal functioning of the lymphatic system. This is the central goal of Matrix Rhythm Therapy.

Diabetic vascular disease commonly affects the feet and can take the form of



Minor foot injuries

Varicose veins