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About us

Matrix German Therapy Center your choice for well being

Diagnostic reports like blood test, X Rays, MRI are mostly taken to understand the cause of pain. These methods show localized structural changes and the treatment plan also remain localized. Pain is your tissue screaming for oxygen. The cell lacks the oxygen that is needed to generate energy, due to this the muscle remains in a state of contraction and becomes hard. Tissue loses its capability to adapt, its plasticity and elasticity and there are changes in postures and restriction in movement. Pain arise and the risk of injuries increases.

At Matrix German Therapy Center, we consider your body as whole organization with several organs, bones, muscles, nerves, veins etc. Disturbance at one location may show symptoms in other location for example; for Knee Pain if the thigh muscles, calf are stiff it will change the shape of leg, body will try to balance the posture and foot will try to take this load that result in pain in the foot, ankle and knee. So localized treatment of knee will not give the long term results.

Visit Matrix German Therapy Center to understand your pain…

  • How we treat

    Our body has capacity to heal itself, provided the situation to heal is optimized. Our therapy methods re-organize your cell function and restore its activity. Our aim is not to give temporary relief but to eradicate the cause of the symptoms. For this we have advanced German technologies developed after latest research. The Matrixmobil is applied to the surface of the patient’s body, the specially shaped resonator head with the magneto-mechanical vibrations synchronized deep into the body tissue. The vibration is modulated between 8 and 12 Hz which stimulates the pumping and sucking effect of the tissue’s own vibrations and the whole tissue is readjusted to its proper rhythm. For more information visit the Title “Therapies offered”

  • We value your time

    Aim of our therapy is not only to deliver faster but also long term results. Usually individuals who took the therapy has experienced reduction in their symptoms immediately after the first session itself. However more no. of sessions are required depending on the health status, condition and synchronicity of the problem.

  • Special attention

    We see only one client at a time by prior appointment. Usually one session lasts for approximately one hour.

  • Qualified Staff

    Therapists here are qualified and well trained. They are expert enough to access your health situation and deliver the desired results.

  • Solution for several health issues

    As our therapy approach is cellular and methods are based on the principle of healing and regeneration, we can help individuals in several health issues related to orthopaedic, neurology, paediatric, post-operative, sports, vascular, diabetic, wounds, stress, etc. under one roof.

    We recommend to maintain the good health and reduce the degenerative process, ageing. Even healthy individuals can take our therapies for prevention and enhance the performance for active lifestyle.

  • No medicines & Non-Invasive

    At Matrix German Therapy Center we do not prescribe any form of medicines, all the therapy methods are non-invasive, 100% safe without any side effect, no harmful rays and also no painful exercises.

  • Safe And Hygienic

    All the equipment used during the therapy are hygienic. Therapies are safe for all age groups and patients with implants, diabetes & blood pressure are also treated.


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