Matrix Rhythm Therapy

"A New dimension in the management of pain and restricted mobility.”


Matrix Rhythm Therapy was developed by Dr. Ulrich Randoll (medical researcher and practitioner and auditor at Matrix-Center, Munich. Maxillofacial Surgeon, scientist and researcher at the University of Erlangen, Germany.)
Matrix Rhythm Therapy is based on the research on cell biology which was scientifically approved and developed in Erlangen University, Germany. This concept expressed the fact that every intervention on a cell – whether preventive, curative, regenerative or also destructive – works primarily via the cell’s environment, i.e via the extracellular matrix. That is where the therapeutic action has its primary effect, which then leads in turn to effects on the cell. All our cells live and cooperate with each other in and through the extracellular matrix, which penetrates our whole body. The cells perceive and react to every change in the fluid surrounding them, adapting to and acting upon the extracellular matrix, to change it.

What is pain?

According to the researcher Dr. Ulrich Randoll, in healthy situation our cells oscillate rhythmically between 8-12 Hz. Various reasons like disease, injury, infection, allergy, toxins, trauma, psychological tension, stress, hormonal changes, immunity disorders causes disturbances in these oscillations. The visible changes are seen as inflammation, swelling, edema, muscle spasm, cramps and hardening of tissues. Scientifically this is body’s self protective and defence mechanism that accumulates fluid or adaptation of protective posture. At cellular level there is reduced supply of oxygenated blood, reduced lymphatic drainage and venous return. Congestion at the cellular matrix reduces oscillations of cells leading to the disturbances of metabolic activities in chronic state this situation causes stiffness, hardening of muscles, reduced mobility of joints and compression of nerves at joints, degeneration of bones, change in skin colour, delayed or non-healing of wounds, varicosity of veins, inflammation of lymph nodes, necrosis of tissue. Symptomatically pain and restriction of movements in day to day life.

How does Matrix Therapy Work on pain?

Matrix Rhythm Therapy developed by Dr. Randoll provides physiological rhythmic oscillations in synchronous frequency between 8-12 Hz which synchronizes with the internal cellular rhythm resulting in improved micro-circulation to the cells, improved supply of nutrition, oxygen to the cells and also eliminates waste products, acids and gases (toxins). Hence improving metabolic processes resulting in production of energy in the form of ATP. Hence healing and regeneration sets in motion.
Treatment with Matrix is the central module of the therapeutic strategy. A healthy rhythm of cell matrix pulsations is restored together with the cell logistical processes connected with it. Dr. Randoll believes that all healing begins on the level of cell biological regulation.

What can be treated with Matrix Rhythmus Therapy?




Sports injury

Post surgical pain and stiffness

Vascular conditions

Diabetic conditions

Non healing / delayed wound healing