Magnetodyn is a bio technology company, founded 1999, based in Munich, Germany.

How does Magnetodyn work?

The non-invasive (non-surgical) Magnetodyn® technique is primarily based on the magnetic field. Electromagnetic fields penetrate the skin without resistance and have a regenerative effect on the damaged tissue. These magnetic fields have a regulating effect on metabolism, cell growth, and cell differentiation. In addition, they stimulate the processes of the autonomic nervous system. These electromagnetic fields have the ability to activate the exchange of molecular messengers, such as calcium, and to improve oxygen supply and blood flow to the tissue, thereby stimulating cell metabolism. The scientific and clinical experiences and investigations have shown non-invasive (non-surgical) Magnetodyn® therapy to be extremely effective as an adjunctive treatment for degenerative disorders, as well as for bone, connective tissue, blood vessel and nerve injuries. Also, the chances of healing in chronic conditions such as bone loss and leg ulcers, and in cases of severely impaired wound healing, e.g. after burns increases. Signs of swelling and inflammation may resolve much more quickly. Especially the frequency and severity of episodes of acute and chronic pain can be significantly reduced by Magnetodyn® therapy.