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Welcome to Matrix German therapy center

Matrix Health Partner Certified Therapy Center

MGTC is a specialized Matrix Rhythm Therapy Center and Authorized International Matrix Rhythm Therapy Center Practitioners Network center

Matrix German therapy center is an advanced pain management and wellness center. We use specialized German therapy methods based on scientific research which are proven clinically.

Reason of choice


  • Matrix German therapy center is multi-speciality and most advanced therapy center, helps for wellness and rehabilitation after several unhealthy situations.
  • Therapies we provide are researched, certified and clinically tested.
  • All therapies provided are natural form of therapy, non-invasive and do not have any side effect.
  • Therapists providing therapy are qualified, skilled and well trained.
  • We help every individual of all age groups that is from neonates to geriatrics.
  • We maintain hygiene and cleanliness of premises, tools and facility to avoid spread of any infection including COVID19.

Therapies for


Pain Management Therapy

Matrix Rhythm Therapy developed by Dr. Randoll provides physiological rhythmic oscillations in synchronous frequency between 8-12 Hz which synchronizes with the internal cellular rhythm


Neurological Therapy

At Matrix German Therapy Center we have specialized therapy methods that helps to reduce the time in neurological rehabilitation and can also help in chronic conditions.


Sports Therapy Programs

Matrix Rhythm Therapy if taken
before & after the sports
activity improves efficiency
of the player and reduce risks
of injuries.



Matrix Rhythm Therapy is very effective therapy for individuals suffering with diabetes. A Rhythmic Electro-magnetic oscillation in the frequency between 8-12 Hz relaxes the stiff tissue, reduces pain and improves range of motion. Matrix Rhythm Therapy activates the micro circulation that helps to maintain the pH of extracellular fluid, reduces the acidosis.


Therapy for Stress related Health Issues

It is well established that stress which causes lack of sleep reduces learning abilities, impairs performance in cognitive tests and prolongs reaction time. Stress is also linked to a variety of chronic illnesses. Emotional stress often causes muscular tension. If the stress is acute and short-lived, a healthy musculature...



Disturbances of the lymphatic system nearly always involve a vicious cycle: lymph drainage becomes increasingly hampered by the fibrotic/sclerotic clogging-up of tissue, leading to even greater accumulation of fibre, proteins and other “trash” in the intercellular space which degrades lymphatic function even more.


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We do not claim that we cure any disease, ailment or defect. Our therapy methods help to activate self-healing processes of the body. Considering that every individual body, its physiological condition is different, the outcome of therapy also varies from individual to individual. By using this website, you agree to have understood our disclaimer and agree to our Privacy Policy and terms and conditions.


Therapies Offered