Matrix Rhythmus Therapy is a resonance therapy that encourages lymph flow in the body. It is particularly good for detoxification, edema, pre- and post-plastic surgery and post-liposuction. It can also help with scar tissue, spider veins and acne.
The lymph system is a slow-moving system of vessels and lymph nodes that is supplementary to the body’s system of blood circulation. The lymph system both delivers nutrients to the cells and carries away excess water, cellular waste, bacteria, viruses and toxins.
By stimulating the lymphatic system, matrix rhythm therapy helps drain puffy, swollen tissues, supports the body’s immune system, helps the body heal from surgery, and aids in the body’s natural waste removal or detoxification.
Drink plenty of water after the session of matrix rhythm therapy to help flush out toxins. Stay away from salt and alcohol after the session, as they inhibit the body’s ability to flush out toxins.

Benefits of detoxification

  • Boosts Your Energy
  • Rids the Body of Any Excess Waste
  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Improved Skin
  • Promotes Healthy Changes
  • Lighter Feeling
  • Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Improved Sense of Wellbeing