“The first session of Matrix Rhythmic Therapy using the Matrix equipment and a few physical therapy exercises advised by the therapist, gave complete relief from frozen shoulder.  Encouraged by the instant results I continued with the treatment for my back-pain and knee problems. The lumbar spondilosis and knee deterioration needed few more sessions. But the progress is marvelous & magical. The instant relief from pain & restoration of joint movement has brought me back my cheer &mobility. I am completely relieved of the mental fear of undergoing knee replacement surgery & the rigorous post operative care.”

Mrs.Lalitha, Principal, School for Special Children, Mumbai

“I was not satisfied after my knee surgery, because my leg was bending only 30%. I was not able to climb stairs, but as the treatment started I could travel even in a local train which was a major positive change. Slowly I could feel difference in my walking and stair climbing was now possible. Now I am very much confident. My knee bending is almost 85%. I am very much pleased with the outcome. Matrix Rhythm Therapy was very beneficial for me. It saved me from mental and physical trauma of Redo surgery.”

Mrs. Severina

“I am a stage, TV and film artist. I was suferring with pain in full body. For two years I tried Allopathy, Ayurveda, Accupressure treatments, All inviestigations like MRI, blood tests could not reveal the cause of pain. Nothing was working . But with Matrix Rhythm Therapy I am out of this situation, I have started my daily activities very smoothly and confidently. Amazed with results . Thanks a million. ”

Mrs. Anuradha K., stage artist

“My problem was body pain and had severe pain in my head and neck. I was going to take only one session but due to positive results and effects I took three and now I can say I am feeling really better. I would also recommend others to experience Matrix Rhythm Therapy.”

Mrs. Meena K.

“I was suffering from elbow pain. I had much difficulty in doing day to day chores. After a single session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy I felt much better. It is one of the best treatment for any type of pain.”

Mrs. R Iyer

“After 7 sessions of Matrix I got 90% relief from my pain. Earlier my posture was bad, both shoulders had drooped down. After this therapy, shoulders are now in allignment and back pain is gone completely. I thank entire team of Matrix.”

Mr. Govind M.

“Past two years, my entire left hand was paining, tried different therapies but didn’t help. I was having sleepless nights. Once my family friend suggested about this therapy. To my surprise, within two sessions my pain was gone completely. The best part of treatment was, it was done without any surgery or medicine.”

Mrs. V. Hadkar

“I was suffering from spondilitis since many years. I tried all possible medicines, but it gave only temporary relief. Then I heard about Matrix Rhythum Therapy. I gave it a try. And it worked wonders. After first session itself my right leg pain disappeared. In three sessions I got 80% relief, without any medicines.”

Mr. Harishchandra P.

“I had left frozen shoulder.Even after lot of treatment hand movement was restricted. After an hour’s session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy  I felt a lot better. I also continued exercises given by therapist. And just after my second session I got 90% relief from my condition. Now my hand movements are free and  am back to work.”

Mr. N. Patekar

“I was suffering from neck pain and was unable to do my routine activities. Matrix Rhythm Therapy took care of my pain within short period. Now I am very comfortable and happy.”

Mr. Sushil N.

“I would recommend this therapy to each and everyone suffering from pain. I got excellent results after completion of 7 sessions. All my muscle pain is gone. My walking has improved. I got 70% relief. Now I feel more cheerful.”

Mr. Ganpat K.

“My husband got catch 15 days back. He tried many medicines, massage but nothing made a difference. Day by day pain was increasing. Even while getting up from sitting position, breathing he was having pain. We all were worried. Then he started taking Matrix Rhythm Therapy and just after one session he felt better. He took five sessions and now he is completely cured. I thank entire team of Matrix.”

Mrs. S. Dighe

“My 71 years old mother was unable to get up on her own. She used to need help while getting up. Now after taking 3 sessions of Matrix Rhythm Therapy there is lot of improvement. She is feeling better. Now she moves independently. This treatment has benefitted her.”

Mr. Uttam D.

“After trying various treatments for my pain I was very disappointed, because nothing worked. My entire back, neck and both hands used to hurt. Sitting down on floor had become impossible for me. But after taking Matrix Rhythm Therapy my body pain has reduced. I am feeling better. I can sit on the floor also. My confidence has increased.”

Mrs. Laxmi M.

“I suffered from knee pain past 10/12 years. My legs used to become stiff after sitting in a position for long time. Now after 10 sessions of Matrix Rhythm Therapy my stiffness has gone down. Knee pain is also less. I have continued exercises taught by my therapist.”

Mrs. Mangala T.

“My jaw(TMJ) was dislocated past 5 months. I used to get terrible pain after getting up in morning, while tongue cleaning, while eating from right side. I underwent different treatments, but my problem was not cured.  Doctor advised me to get surgery done which I didn’t want. So my brother brought me to matrix centre. Within a single session I got 90% relief. It’s a miracle treatment. Thanks a million.”

Mr. V. Mannava

“My right shoulder was dislocated. Even after various treatments right arm was not getting better completely. There was movement restriction. But after taking two sessions of Matrix Rhythm Therapy my condition improved a lot. I also practiced exercise taught by my therapist. Now I am 95% better. I am thankful to entire team of Matrix.”

Mrs. M. Dicholkar

“I had hand and leg problem.  This treatment has benefitted me. I have also recommended it to many of my relatives. The pain which was there earlier is gone now. I am thankful to you for giving me this treatment.”

Mrs. S. Sakpal

“Thanks for the relief I got after taking Matrix Rhythm Therapy. It helped me join back my normal routine life, which I couldn’t enjoy two months back. But now I am absolutely fine. Thanks to Matrix, all staff and doctors.”

Mr. A. Momaya

“I had burning sensation in both feet. After taking Matrix Rhythm Therapy it got better. Now I am relieved. I am thankful to doctors for their efforts.”

Mr. R. Patil