Mentamove is a hi-tech german technology based therapy approved by USA, FDA.
Mentamove Therapy is based on the principles of Neuro-plasticity and Mental Practice of motor skills.


It is defined as ‘ability of brain to reorganize itself and relearn lost functions’
Neuroplasticity allows the neurons in the brain to compensate for injury and to adjust their activities in response to new situations.

Mental Practice of Motor Skill

This is an auto suggestive method based on Psychological Intervention.
A purposeful action or a motor skill is mentally practiced by the subject without really executing it i.e. Subject imagines that he is performing a particular activity.

How does Mentamove work?

  • Normal Process

 When a message comes into the brain from anywhere in the body, the brain tells the body how to react. For example, if you accidentally touch a hot stove, the nerves in your skin shoot a message of pain to your brain and tell body to get away. The basic functioning of the nervous system depends a lot on tiny cells called neurons. The brain has billions of them, after receiving information from sensory neurons from the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin to the brain. Motor neurons carry message away from the brain to the respective part of the body . Each neuron carries an Electricalpotential of 2micro Volt (EMG). When a message is forwarded to the particular muscle a high EMG is generated in muscle by which movement takes place.

Arrival of stimulus and activation of receptors. ( touching a hot stove)


Activation of sensory neurons.


Information processing in Brain.


Activation of motor neuron.


Response by effector.( withdrawing of hand)

  •  After Damage in Brain

The left side of the brain controls the movements of the right side of the body, and the right side of the brain controls the movements of the left side of the body. When you press the accelerator with your right foot, for example, it’s the left side of your brain that sends the message allowing you to do it.When there is damage to brain due to stroke or any other reason the message from brain in the form of Electrical potential ( EMG ) is disrupted i.e. Efference signal path way is affected. There are some neurons generating EMG but it is not enough to make a movement.

  • Mentamove Therapy

Special Mentamove Electrodes for myostimulation are placed on the skin over the muscle responsible for movement of the affected extremity. The subject is told to exert strong mental concentration towards execution of a purposeful,motivated, complex movement; the movement is carried out only mentally, without doing it. This helps to generate EMG in the muscles by Efference path way. Sensors of Mentamove measures this EMG potential of the target muscle that has been occurred due to mental practice of motor skills, is now, translated by the Mentamove instrument into intentional activity, when the trigger level is reached. The movement is executed! When subject practices this repeatedly, healthy neurons in the brain take over this function and brain stores it permanently. This is the way brain relearn the movement again.

What can be treated with Mentamove Therapy?

With paralyses of the extremities in:

  • Stroke
  • Brain tumor operation
  • Craniocerebral trauma
  • Brain damage in early childhood
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Incomplete spinal court injury