What is Mentamove?

Mentamove is a therapy for relearning voluntary movements after paralysis, which are lost due to lesion in Central Nervous Structure.

What are the indications for using Mentamove?

Mentamove is useful for paralytic conditions involving damage to Central Nervous system due to Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, incomplete spinal cord injuries, Brain surgeries, cerebral trauma, Brain damage in early childhood, etc.

What are contra indications?

Contraindications are heart pacemakers, pregnancy.

What is the difference between Mentamove and FES/Biofeedback & Other muscle stimulators?

Mentamove gives the stimulation only when subject thinks of an activity, without actually doing it. I.e. triggered EMG level is generated by mental practice, visualization or imagination of movement without actually performing movement. Imagination of an activity before performing helps brain to learn the movement. Therefore, results with Mentamove are permanent. FES, Biofeedback or normal stimulators work only on muscles without involving the mental activity. In bio-feedback system patient has to make an effort to get a stimulation i.e. triggered EMG level is generated by performing movement.

I have considerable heaviness in my hand and leg will it reduce with Mentamove?

YES, Mentamove brings about significant reduction in heaviness/spasticity, which thereby helps in improving the voluntary functions and movements.

My stroke was several years ago will Mentamove help me and produce any results?

A Mentamove is a therapy for relearning movements. Any individual paralyzed for many years can learn other things like music, song, remember name of a person, event, etc., because there is damage only in a certain area of brain and rest of the brain cells are healthy. Thus, paralytic Individual can learn movements at any age after stroke using those healthy cells in brain. Clinical research in India and abroad has shown that Mentamove is effective even several years after stroke.

I am a multiple sclerosis patient and have problem in coordinating my right and left leg. Will Mentamove help me?

YES. You have to practice with Mentamove in the morning on left leg and in the after noon on the right leg.

My diagnosis says I have complete spinal cord injury, but I feel it is not true. How Mentamove can help me?

Mentamove is very sensitive in measuring action potential (EMG) at muscle. On applying Mentamove on your muscles your therapist will be able to diagnose whether it is complete or incomplete spinal cord injury. If there is one motor unit (EMG generated by one neuron of brain), you have a chance of recovery.

I had a brain tumor operation and I have lost lot of functions. Do you think Mentamove can help me?

Mentamove can give other nerve cells the chance to relearn the movement and re organize its function.

After a road accident I lost my movements. Can Mentamove help me?

Mentamove is indicated in incomplete spinal cord injury as well as for loss of movements due to cerebral injury. Mentamove will help in relearning the lost movements and strengthening muscles.

My child is 6 years old and had a paralysis from birth. His biggest wish is to play soccer. Do you think he ever can learn this?

At the beginning, we can train him to imagine using his legs. Then, we can train him to use walker. It has been observed that an imagination of big movements like playing soccer, the brain learns the movement faster.

I have been told that I have reached a plateau and should not expect any more improvement. will Mentamove help me?

YES, it has been seen that plateau is reached by about 6 months to one year after stroke. We had a clinical study done on patient with Mentamove in India and Germany. We could see an improvement in that patient who approached us for treatment after 6 months to one year, post-stroke. Mentamove helps in relearning of movements and movements can be learnt even after many years stroke.

Is it required to practice every day? How many minutes?

According to guidelines one Mentamove session lasts for 20 minutes for one movement. One can practice two or three times in a day depend on ability of individual to perform. Mentamove is a relearning method practiced every day helps brain to register faster.

Can Mentamove be used at home?

Yes, definitely Mentamove is highly user friendly and it can be used at home. The individual who buys the device is given a detailed demonstration of how to use the device for the patient, and they can always approach the therapist at the local Mentamove centre for any further queries or doubts.

Is it very complicated and difficult for the patient to perform?

Not at all. It is very easy to practice with Mentamove device. It is light weight, battery operated device having alpha-numeric display and light indicators guide patient how to work.

For how long do I need to continue with Mentamove to get significant results?

Results vary from patient to patient depending upon several factors like area affected by stroke, motivation and concentration. Also according to the clinical research and studies performed in India and abroad, the patient needs to continue with Mentamove for at least 6 months to get any significant results. Mentamove helps the patient to relearn the lost movements and relearning takes time.

Can I continue with my conventional physiotherapy sessions along with Mentamove?

YES. Conventional physiotherapy sessions can be continued along with Mentamove.

Is it painful and unpleasant?

NO, it is a soothing stimulation and does not give any unpleasant sensations to the patient. Even a child feels this stimulation very pleasant.

Where Mentamove is applied?

The electrodes of Mentamove are placed over the affected extremity to bring about the desired movement after a detailed examination and assessment by the physician/ physiotherapist.

Is it a approved therapy?

Mentamove therapy is approved by FDA, USA. Besides, it is TUV, CE and ISO certified therapy. Mentamove therapy is well tested & scientifically proven not only in India but also outside India.