Welcome to matrix German therapy center



Matrix German therapy center… advanced pain management and rehabilitation center an 9001:2008 certified therapy center was established in May 2010 with the aim of introducing advanced and 21st century therapy methods in the modern world under one roof.


Matrix German therapy center is the 1st choice for Rehabilitation because

  •  A step ahead

We provide therapies using advanced 21st century German Technologies for pain management and advanced rehabilitation.

  • Once a week Therapy

In Matrix German therapy center, we provide treatment once in a week only which saves your time. In some cases twice a week therapy will be required.

  • At your service

Matrix German therapy center is at your service Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 9.00pm so that it is easy for you to take the appointment as per your convenience and schedule

  • Non-Invasive

All the treatments given are non invasive, without medications, ointments, heat, harmful rays, without painful exercises.

  • Results of the therapy

 Experience result immediately after 1 session. Experience long lasting relief.

  • Undiagnosed problems

Therapies are helpful in various undiagnosed conditions related to pain and restricted mobility even when other therapy methods fail. Effective before surgery or even after surgery.

  • Qualified Staff

Therapies delivered at Matrix German therapy center are by qualified team of full-time doctors/ physiotherapist, trained in Germany, practicing as per international protocol.

  • Special attention

special attention given to each and every patients by treating individual patient at one time.

  • Under one Roof 

Treatments available for all problems: orthopedic, neurology, pediatric, post operative, sports, vascular, diabetic, wounds, stress etc, under 1 roof.

  • No waiting time

Consultation and treatment done on appointment basis which saves your time.

  • Safe And Hygienic

All the therapies are 100% safe without any side effect. All the machines, clothes etc used during the therapy are hygienic. Therapies are safe for all age group and patients with implants, diabetes & blood pressure.